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Shaun hits rock bottom fanvid

New year, new fanvid! My latest creative endeavour in the video editing realm is centred around Shaun hitting rock bottom after an incredibly difficult time with all the changes and betrayals thrown at him in season 5. (Naturally, contains spoilers for season 5.)

Shaun Murphy: A Comprehensive Psychological Profile

written by Daniela V. This post aims to put together ideas and information that have already been shared on Reddit and elsewhere. Shaun Murphy, such a complex and multi-layered character the writers and producers have come up with! I can remember very few characters in television history with the same level of depth in them.

Season 5 Recap: 5×07 Expired

Winter finale ahoy, how is it already that time of the year? I more or less expected that this one would be a doozie, and a doozie it certainly was, but I have so, so much love for this episode, and it’s gonna go high onto my list of all time favourites. So much intensity, and so much food for thought offered to us on silver platters, served with a healthy portion of upheaval and dismay.

I made a thing

I’m not a particularly gifted or experienced video editor, but it was fun dipping my toes into that water again, so here’s my first ever Shea fanvid. Enjoy!

Season 5 Recap: 5×06 One Heart

Oh man, phew! After what I felt was a really weak previous episode, the show got its mojo back with One Heart. Because this one hit all the right beats and pushed all the right buttons and gave me all the feels. A round of hugs for everyone, including Shaun, pls.

Season 5 Recap: 5×05 Crazytown

Okay, so. Yes. I rewrote some of this recap. My first version of it was what Kelli called “TeeJay’s hilarious shred of Crazytown”. And I guess it was exactly that. I have left it up on the blog, in case you wanna delve into how much I hated the episode on the first viewing. I have since had many discussions with fans via various channels, and my stance as softened somewhat because I see the merit of the overall direction and character arcs. I still don’t particularly like the episode, and I still feel it had many shortcomings and weaknesses, … Continue reading Season 5 Recap: 5×05 Crazytown

Season 5 Recap: 5×05 Crazytown (Hilarious Shred Version)

Disclaimer This is what I call the “Hilarious Shred Version” of my recap of Crazytown. I positively hated the episode the first time I watched it, and that very much reflects in this first version of the recap I wrote. I still don’t particularly like the episode now. But I got my act together and wrote a second, less acerbic (and also less hilarious) version of the recap that hopefully does the episode more justice. I will leave this version up for posterity, but it will not appear in the Episode Insights category. That said… enjoy the meme fest!

Season 5 Recap: 5×04 Rationality

Some episodes, I watch and feel energized about and immediately wanna run off and discuss ALL THE THINGS™ with other people. This one, not so much. This was one of those that I had to let sit for a bit and ruminate, and sort out my thoughts. For some reason, it left a sour aftertaste in my mouth, and I can’t even really put my finger on it why. I don’t mean this in a “I really hated it” way. Because that’s not the case at all. I think it may have to do with the fact that I’m a … Continue reading Season 5 Recap: 5×04 Rationality

Season 5 Recap: 5×03 Measure of Intelligence

It’s a rare luxury when I have a Tuesday off work and can actually watch The Good Doctor leisurely over breakfast — more so after just coming back from a mini vacation that was a much needed change of pace and scenery. I still kinda wanna throw things at the television for being cheated out of the Good Stuff™, but not with as much force as last week. I wanted my money back then, and I still do now, but we got some other Good Stuff™ instead this week, so maybe I’ll settle for a discount code.


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