5 thoughts on “Season 5 Recap: 5×12 Dry Spell

  1. We already discussed the episode A LOT so I’m gonna skip over the more obvious stuff (like squeeing over Shea) and bring up some random thoughts the recap has brought up in me instead: first things first… is counting from your thumb a European thing? I had to check how I do it, I count from my thumb. USA baby.

    Anyway… on to the more imports thoughts… I just realized while reading this I love when Asher tells stories from his past. He has such an interesting background story, I hope that now that he has a beau perhaps we’ll get to explore more of his personal life. Or maybe even have an episode similar to the one where Morgan’s mom had to be treated at st. Bons and introduce a member of Asher’s fam as a patient. Shore has done an episode with a Hasidic patient on House, so we know he doesn’t shy away from exploring religion.

    Okay, another point… Im just so happy Glassy got to shine in this epi. Schiff is such a good actor and I really loved that he got to flex his chops. And of course Glassy being fathery with everyone just warms my heart. He’s a cynical git but he’s got a really warmness about him sometimes.

    ANOTHER POINT… the crumpled contract… at this point I want it to show up again for YOU. Do you remember the date on it? You said this episode is two months later. Is the contract still a viable option at this point? Curious. Anyway, thanks for another fun read! I’m not a recap person but these are really growing on me. (Oh. And important to note, the screencaps in this are especially adorable. This episode was so cute)

    • I remember that the thumb-counting was used in Inglourious Basterds in in some way to indicate someone was German rather than British… And I think I’ve seen Americans count from the little finger first or with the index finger first, but perhaps that’s a situational thing. All I can see is that Germans pretty much always use the thumb first.

      I would love to see more Asher, too!! He is such an interesting character, and I would love to learn more about his background. I think I had this on my season 5 wishlist, and I’m glad they are giving us a few glimpses here and there.

      I fully agree, Richard Schiff is such a blessing on the show. The scenes with him and Freddie are always spot-on, and their dynamic is A+.

      As for the crumpled contract, the date on it was the airdate of Expired, so Nov 22, 2021. So we’d probaby be well past any deadlines, and they would have changed the wedding dates anyway. They’d have to make a new one with that chapel, I think. Who knows, we might see it again.

  2. First, I love, love, LOVE this episode! As you say, after all the heartbreak and tragedy of the previous episodes as well as the angst and confusion of the Ethicure era, we really needed something light and funny. Plus it gave Freddie, Paige, and Bria a chance to show off their comedic chops.

    When I first heard what the Dry Spell entailed, I thought it would involve Shaun having some “difficulties”, but it turns out that there was just a temporary “disconnect”. Shaun and Lea both love sex, and it’s still unclear (at least to me) what that difficulty was. Unless it really was something like work schedules. Lea said that she had reached out a couple of times, but Shaun was too busy. He certainly can get caught up by medical issues for extended periods, maybe even for 9 days.

    I don’t usually get caught up in the patient stories, but I really liked the Brenna/Victor scenes. They played into the general comedic theme of the episode. Gotta admit Victor getting “stuck” was hilarious!

    I didn’t know what a sex swing was either, so I did some research…i.e. asked Siri. Now I can’t unsee it. Um..Shaun, your only objection to it was installation cdifficulties? Really?

    And oh, that final bedroom scene was almost perfect! Lea’s infectious laughter finally getting through to Shaun so he can look past the vaginismus diagnosis to see the humor. It was “almost” perfect because of my ongoing gripe: WTF is with the pajamas?? It keeps happening, and it was especially odd in that scene given why they were there.

    My only other quibble with this episode was, like many, and which you mentioned, was that there really should have been more baseball, in line with the lightness and fun of this episode. I’d have loved to see Lea bat cleanup and I think Shaun would have been excellent. He probably studied the rules in depth and with his ability to track trajactorie of physical objects he’d likely be great at catching and hitting. Remember the wine bottle catch in the restaurant in “Disaster”?

    Thanks for another great recapl

    • Yes, fully agree, this episode was so good! And I think we were all happy it was just a temporary hiccup for Shaun & Lea. The way I read it, the reason they had this nine day dry spell was just that just things got in the way. We know Shaun works a lot, so he might just not have been home at a time when sex would have been convenient. Sometimes people don’t feel good or in the mood, be it physically or emotionally. And Lea did mention that she suggested sex a few times but Shaun was busy or distracted with other things. Both work full time jobs, Shaun probably works shifts (though the show makes it seem like he doesn’t). It happens.

      I thought the Brenna/Victor story was so well done and also done really respectfully. The intimacy coordinator really paid off. It could have gone wrong and this storyline could have been cliché lol 40-year-old virgin, but instead we got something sweet and regardful. Well done, team! The actress who played Brenna was also really great, I should have mentioned that in the recap. Her facial expressions were spot on!

      Sex swing, omg. You’re right, maybe Shaun didn’t look it up and wasn’t fully aware what he was suggesting. 😀

      I’m totally with you on the pyjamas. Maybe not so much that they were wearing them, but dear God, please stop putting Lea in those conservative grandma pyjamas! Where are the fun tie-dye t-shirts? Those were a lot more Lea!

      It’s really a shame that the softball stuff got a raw deal. I’m not actually sure how good Shaun would be at it, but it would have been nice to see him (and Lea) try. Well, maybe another time. The softball league will probably go on for a little while….

      • The sex swing: Shaun definitely looked it up; it’s what he does. But while Shaun is wicked smart, I some ways he’s an innocent. The way he casually mentioned light bondage,,,I don’t think he knows exactly what that entails.

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