4 thoughts on “Season 5 Recap: 5×06 One Heart

  1. Wow, quite a long and thorough review again…

    So, to start with the easy part: it’s not ANAPA, but Annapolis, as in US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Father Ed was wearing the uniform of a First Seargent, a non-commissioned officer with the US Marine Corps. At Annapolis, the Navy and Marines’ commissioned officers are trained – thus the father/son story was basically about the son crushing his fathers dreams of social advancement for his son. And by the father’s rigid posture, it was made clear that he is living and breathing the Corps. Thus, the son dropping out of Annapolis for becoming a drummer instead was a major insult to the father, on the same level as Asher breaking with the beliefs of his Hassidic family. Both sons broke with the families’ holy traditions.

    As for the inaccuracies with Morgan’s case, I guess they took some creative license to shorten the proceedings in order to fit a third (!) medical case into the episode, which is unusual for the show, but probably very important for the upcoming Winter Finale.

    Morgan is still a resident – this was noted by Salen in her first appearance in episode 5×01. Furthermore, Morgan’s supervisor is no one else than Dr. Glassman, that was established in 4×03. The thing is, we never saw Glassman actually supervise Morgan since then. He gave her total free reign ever since, which could raise some questions about his job performance.

    Salen also noted in her first scene back in 5×01 that she barely had to wait for to be seen by Morgan, which means that the time management in the clinic has vastly improved since Morgan took over from Glassman. You might remember that the clinic was quite a mess in season 3 with Debby constantly pressing Glassman to work faster and more efficiently. I would submit that as respected as Glassman is as president, he never was that efficient in the day-to-day business of running the clinic – and perhaps even the whole hospital, since it was in quite some financial trouble before Ethicure took over.

    Be it as it may, Salen handing a whole department to a resident is quite unorthodox – which means Morgan owes Salen now big time and Salen might soon come to collect on that.

    As with the 50 Shades of Grey that is Salen & Marcus – guess you hit the nail on the head here. How the couple was presented this episode evokes a certain picture: eating insects, sniffing like an animal – Salen & Marcus are painted here as predators circling each other, testing the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a primeval mating ritual. Salen preys on hospitals while Andrews hunts for influence, but both feed on power. It’s the PG-14 depiction of BDSM relationship.

    So, the question isn’t if Marcus finds Salen attractive in the usual sense – what draws them to each other is the powerplay. They are turned on by manipulation and intrigue.

    As for the speculation corner: Salen not only talked to Andrews not only about Colson but the pharmacy – and the next episode is titled “Expired”… Everyone braise for a major malpractice scandal with Shaun, Lim and Glassman at the epicenter!

    • Ah yes, Annapolis totally makes sense, and I can now hear it when listening to that scene again. I swear I thought he said something like Annapa when I typed up the dialogue, but he’s just swallowing some of the sound of that last part and you can hear the “polis” if you listen closely. Certainly makes a lot more sense that way, though I did understand the significance of Brandon leaving the Army and it insulting Ed. I didn’t think that was in any way obscure or not evident. I just don’t know enough about the US Army to grasp the details. (And thanks for clarifying, I have now edited the recap accordingly.)

      The whole timing of the episode is super screwy again, I was trying to figure it out to write the missing scenes some time. Nira has the vision test, the cancer diagnosis, the tumour removal surgery *and* Morgan taking off her eye patches all on the same day, which is super not realistic. The whole Lea-trip timing is also off. Clearly, they handwave a lot of that stuff on the show, hoping the viewers won’t notice or care. (But some of us do! Grrrrrr.)

      Interesting points about Morgan and her running the clinic. We’ll see where that goes, as well as the whole Salen and Andrews thing. (How about we call it Salandr?) Comparing it to preying animals seems to indeed fit very well.

      I will try very hard not to be in any online places tomorrow before I can see the episode myself. I really want to go into it as blindly as I can, but clearly it’ll be emotionally intense with some major shit raining down on Shaun, in whatever form that may come. And then likely a huge cliffhanger and all of us screaming bloody murder at the writers. 😀

  2. Excellent and thorough recap as usual. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode. I’m not nearly as thorough or organized…okay, I’m not at all thorough or organized. But a few thouights:

    I’m really glad their friendship was resolved; it went through a very bumpy period. What was Park thinking, jumping the gun about a transplant when he saw a gravely injured young man and immediately asking if the family has approved a transplant? Shaun, unsurprisingly,tells him that it’s irrelevant because he doesn’t intend to let him die. Of COURSE he wants to save his patient; he’s being quite literally a Good Doctor. Park doesn’t want to let this go and later Shaun tells him he’ll report him for a UNOS violation. Later Park berates him for his “Hail Mary” surgery. The surgery that Lim signed off on, Alex?

    UNOS rules are there for a reason. The potential donor’s doctor must not speak to the potential donee’s doctor about a transplant for very obvious reasons. Park is counting on their friendship, but to Shaun that rule is important, as is his patient.

    Shaun giving Park a friendly touch was huge. He couldn’t even touch Claire until that lovely hug in Vamos. He would tentatively reach out but wouldn’t connect with a touch.

    I’d like to think that the list of people that Brandon’s heart helped was Shaun’s idea…one of his famous lists! You’re so right about his capacity for empathy.


    I loved them! Loved the sepia tones. Loved Shaun’s WTF look at the embroidery. Another example of Freddie’s comedic skills.

    Turns out embroidery is good for Shaun. Not only did it give him inspiration to save Brandon’s heart, but I think it was good therapy for him. It’s tactile, precise, requiring concentration,, all of which he’s good at. It also did help with his stitches; Claire once remarked that his stitches looked like they were made with a sewing machine.

    Damn! How did I miss the “Understanding Your Child With Autism” book?? It’s a confirmation of what we all knew…that Glassman has always been Shaun’s surrogate father.

    I’m pretty sure there will be more flashbacks — at least I hope so!

    Yeah, it’s baseball. I almost stopped being pissed at Glassman when he finally told Lea that he approves of the coming marriage; Lea really needed to hear that from him specifically. I also liked that he told her, with his usual gruff sternness, that she needs to clean up her mess; she needed to hear that too. However, you need to get your ass back to San Jose, Glassy.

    I’m wondering about the timeline though. It seems that Glassman made quite a few friends in a very short time. He isn’t known for close friendships except for Shaun. Could he originally be from Paradise, Montana?

    I thought it would be Shaun in crisis that would bring Glassman back, but a mental breakdown, to the point of his being hospitalized. But your idea of serious illness or injury might be possible.

    Tonight is going to be interesting!

    • Seriously, these season 5 episodes are so jam-packed that it’s becoming an epic battle to get the recaps written up within a week. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And while I will hate the winter break, it’ll give me a bit of a breather to explore other things, like maybe writing more fanfic or doing a fanvid or two.

      You’re right about the Park arm-bump being kind of a big deal. Lea and Glassman are really the only people that Shaun is comfortable touching unconditionally, though with Glassman it’s still more tentative than with Lea. She just barged right in and broke through Shaun’s walls, and he didn’t mind. 🙂 I hope Alex knows what a big deal it is.

      I wonder if Lea will get home early and ruin their de-facto bachelor night. We’ll likely learn in tonight’s episode, so I’ll have to wait with writing the missing scenes until after I’ve seen the winter finale. I’d hate for Shaun and Alex not to have their buddy movie night.

      Re: embroidery. I wonder if Lea comes home to Shaun sitting at the table or on the sofa, doing embroidery. Kinda hoping we’ll get to see that, but not holding my breath.

      I loved the subtle hint with the autism book so much. It was a huge admission on Glassman’s part about their relationship, and very well done by the writers. Makes it all the more puzzling that he told Shaun in 5×02 that he’s “got no kid”. Ugh, Glassy, wtf?

      Good to know it’s baseball. I’ve also been wondering about how long Glassman has been away. Morgan mentions in 5×06 that her discussion with Alex about ambition was a week ago. So Glassman must have been there for about a week, and away from San Jose probably more like two to three weeks? Hard to tell. As for Glassman making new friends, I have a feeling he was going on that trip to turn over a new leaf, perhaps that included being more open towards being friendly with strangers. After all, he told Shaun in 5×02 that he likes people but that he wanted to be around *different* people. Certainly possible he has some history in Paradise, MT.

      Mental breakdown with subsequent hospitalisation is of course also an option, though I think Shaun’s ASD meltdowns are not necessarily something that would get him hospitalised. It would have to be something a litle more intense than that. What we’re fairly sure about is that it’s gonna be something drastic with a graver impact. As to what exactly that will turn out to be, we will see tonight. I’m not ready, aaaaaaah!!!

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